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About Us

Inspire Yourself. Inspire Your World.

Welcome to Intelligensi! Here, we support the development of Spiritual Intelligence (SI) and powerful and inspired Spiritually Intelligent Leadership (SILeadership).


You may be wondering what we mean by the above terms. Spiritual Intelligence is the ability to draw on the world’s wisdom and spiritual traditions that have been proven to enhance functioning and well-being. Parallel to Emotional Intelligence that helps us regulate our own and others’ emotions, Spiritual Intelligence can assist us in harnessing the immense resources of spirituality such as Purpose, Presence, Egolessness, Compassion, Freedom, and Grace.


With Spiritual Intelligence, every moment is permeated with the sacred spirit of your aliveness.  Your life becomes imbued with meaning, love, beauty, joy, and connection.


As you develop your Spiritual Intelligence and cultivate these qualities, you are further transformed into a powerful and inspired Spiritually Intelligent Leader—lighting the flame of inspiration first in yourself, then in those around you as well. With Spiritual Intelligence, Spiritually Intelligent Leadership (SILeadership) are able to breathe passion and compassion, to enliven and align their colleagues into cohesive team with a shared purpose.


When you’re inspired, you invariably inspire others, which feeds your spirit and uplifts the world. There is no greater power, privilege, or joy! – Yosi Amram, Chairman and Co-Founder of Intelligensi


Our work is the product of years of academic research and on-the-ground coaching work with hundreds of leaders, resulting in the introduction and acceptance of academically validated instruments for the measurement, application, and development of both Spiritually Intelligent Leadership and Spiritual Intelligence. Yosi’s research on SI alone has received over nine hundred citations to date.


Spiritual Intelligence has proven to lead to higher satisfaction and quality of life, increased work performance, and greater leadership effectiveness. Our research-validated Integrated Spiritual Intelligence Scale and our Inspirational Leadership Report identify areas for growth in each of those domains. They assess leadership of any scale, having been applied to hundreds of leaders at all levels, from homemakers to CEOs, and line managers to sales account executives.


Our SI and SILeadership assessment tools will accelerate your development, in whichever area you wish to focus on first, by providing a profile of your strengths and growth opportunities and making developmental suggestions.  You will also be offered the opportunity to leverage these insights by working with one of our certified coaches.


Tell me, what is it you plan to do in your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver


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I truly enjoyed and learned from the process and the questions. And receiving the feedback has been fun and invaluable.” – Robin


Inspire Yourself. Inspire Your World!



Yosi Amram
Yosi Amram
Chairman & Co-Founder
Luis Gonzaga
Luis Gonzaga
Executive Director & Co-Founder