On the following few pages you are about to complete the Inspired Leadership Questionnaire (ILQ) developed and validated by Yosi Amram (Amram 2009). The scale has been used in hundreds of academic research studies and has also been applied in numerous organizational and business settings. For further information about our Inspired Leadership and Spiritual Intelligence assessments please see and

On the following few pages please score all the items rating your self on the scale from "Never or almost never" to "Always or almost always" based on the general frequency of your actual behavior over the last 6 to 12 months. Do not leave any items unmarked. If you are not sure what a particular statement means or how to answer it simply use your intuition and answer based on your best guess.

Remember there are no right or wrong answers and all the results are private and confidential. The only way to get meaningful feedback is to answer the questions as accurately as you can based on your own actual behavior patterns.