About Us

About Us

Inspire Yourself. Inspire Your World.

Welcome to Intelligensi! Here, we support the development of Spiritual Intelligence (SI) and powerful and inspired Spiritually Intelligent Leadership (SILeadership)


You may be wondering what we mean by the above terms. Spiritual Intelligence is the ability to draw on the world’s wisdom and spiritual traditions that have been proven to enhance functioning and well-being. Parallel to Emotional Intelligence that helps us regulate our own and others’ emotions, Spiritual Intelligence can assist us in harnessing the immense resources of spirituality such as Purpose, Presence, Egolessness, Compassion, Freedom, and Grace.


When you’re inspired, you invariably inspire others, which feeds your spirit and uplifts the world. There is no greater power, privilege, or joy! – Yosi Amram, Chairman and Co-Founder of Intelligensi